Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Your Wish is My Command

You asked for it and here it is; a quick tutorial on the card packet I made earlier this week. I was almost too depressed to get it done tonight, thought about sitting on the couch and watching a movie instead~ to unwind! I had a really heart breaking day as my youngest daughter once again cut her hair, this time it is about a half inch from her scalp...the whole front and top. It wouldn't be so bad, but a few weeks ago, she cut the whole left side off... now she is sporting a new mullet hair do! She has her four year old pictures in less then a month and is a flower girl in a wedding!!! I thought my husband was going to cry when he came home! What a sight! If she was looking for a reaction she got one! I keep telling myself this is just a phase, this is just a phase.......

Card Packet Tutorial

Take a 8.5 x 11" paper and score at 6" the long way. (I used a blue pen to highlight where my score line is.)

Then score in the opposite direction (short side of the paper) at 5.5" (I highlighted the score line in blue again...I had a hard time following a straight line tonight, sorry)

Fold on the score lines to make your packet close.

Unfold your packet and cut a narrow triangle out of the middle where the two score lines meet.

Then you add your hole to tread your ribbon through.

Add your ribbon to both sides and tie shut. This is as simple as it gets...Enjoy!

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Shelly Roberts said...

Oh good grief!!! .... she is TOO YOUNG to be a hair stylist!! Ha. MISS YOU!!! ~Shelly

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