Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why Mother's Day Isn't Always A Happy Day!!

For the Last 7 years Mother's Day has been a special day for me....I get to enjoy special time with our three little miracles, doing something extra fun. The previous four years were not so joyous, as one doctor after another told me my dreams of becoming a mother were slim to none because of my sever endometriosis. I knew in my heart if we found a doctor who would believe in me, we could do this. (Thanks Dr. Corfman) From the research I had done, I knew that I had age on my side and with God I felt anything was possible. On that fourth year I was beginning to give up hope, we were slowly running out of funds to support my $1500 a month prescriptions, not counting the medical bills that were starting to pile up. I can't begin to tell you the resentment and anger that built up in that four years, watching people around me have one baby after another, some unplanned. The insensitive comments and advice that cut me to my core. A friend of mine during that time had an abortion, which was probably the lowest point in my life. (I have yet to read back through my journal, as I know it is probably very dark and a person that I would hardly recognize today). During our struggle we came across so many people going through the same things, I've made some wonderful friends....some who have like us won the battle with infertility and other's who have chosen adoption, which I must add have all been very successful. So, yes Mother's Day today is a Happy Day for me. (The day is also more than that). We can't forget about our own mother's......remember to tell your mom how much she means to you this Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day!!!

Mother's Day Pots

Project Supplies: $3 Yellow Pot from Wal-mart, Stampin' Up SAB (Retired) Black Rub On's and English Daisy's.

*These flowers look a little sad as we dipped below freezing last night and surprised most of the businesses....we woke to snow yesterday. When you shop last minute...this is what you get!! I planted them and put them under my grow lights, this weather better turn around or my garden will have to be indoors instead of out. I'm starting to get blooms on some of my veggies????

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