Friday, March 28, 2008

A Little Over Heated

I haven't posted for a couple days due to our "New" house falling apart. Yesterday the phones didn't work, our back up furnace needed a new electrical board and the Anderson Window guys were here sealing up a few (10) gusty windows that we have been dealing this winter. I guess that is what happens when you buy a new house, you have to get all the "tweaks" out. I then watched my girlfriends two kids while she worked....needless to say I crashed yesterday at 7pm. This morning I awoke to what I thought was the was over 85 degrees in our house!!! After I slightly panicked, I called my husband who told me to shut the breaker off. (easy fix until you need heat?) Needless to say I entertained the Electrician again today, while he worked (the kids napped) and I whipped together this scrapbook page. I had fun digging through the boxes of pictures....I'm excited to get back at it. Tonight I get to take off the swim suit and sunglasses and come back to dreams of the Bahamas have left and our house is back to normal.

Project Details: Retired SU Wildfowl Stamp Set and Designer Paper, Chocolate Chip, Basic Black, Brilliant Blue, Real Red and YoYo Yellow Cardstock, Cricut (Lettering), Zyron (Gluing) and Hodgepodge Hardware. (Can't see the holes in the target, which I thought was a fun touch....or maybe it was all the heat going to my head!)

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Scrapbookmama said...

OH GOSH!! As I went to read the title of your post.. All of a sudden I hear Nellie- Hot in Here oh I couldn't help but crack up!! OH I hope everything is shaken out of the tweaks in the house and you can enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)


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