Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Bad Day....

This is the second day in a row that I've had a migraine, today things got a little worse with a sharp pain in my back that reached down to the tip of my fingers and rolled up into my neck. I can't turn, making my job as "Mom" very difficult. I went to the chiropractor today, tried out a new one, which I wasn't happy about, I wanted my "Jody". Wasn't going to happen unless I drove for 6 hours, the thought did cross my mind though. (She's that good) So, I broke down and went to someone in town.....not the worst experience I've had, but not the best. I left feeling the same...came home iced my back. My husband surprised me a little while later with an hour massage at the Spa with Brianna. (That's why I love him) She did a wonderful job, boy am I relaxed....the only problem is I still feel the same. Now I'm heading to bed to feel sorry for myself. I just hope everyone else is having a brighter day!

I promise to post something soon.....

Happy Stampin'

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