Thursday, March 6, 2008

Home at Last

Hi everyone, we made it back home okay to good ole' North Dakota. As much as I was lovin' the weather in Arizona, I missed home. It is good to be back and getting the kids back on schedule. There is an old saying "too much of a good thing, not such a good thing." Let's just say the kids were great for having to sit for 10 hours in the airport and plane....Adison did entertain (one of my three year old twins) the back of the plane from MNPLS to Bismarck. We were in a two seater plane, meaning she had to sit beside twin brother Aiden. Dad had to sit across from them and I sat behind with Ashton......I'm sure you know the rest of the story. The guy beside Ashton and I was taking notes, maybe he was going to write a book?!

Anyway, we are home and doing great. I have begun Ashton's ABC bag book project, which I hope to unveil in the next day or two. She wants to take it to school on Monday so we will see how fast Mom and daughter can work.

I have to confess I did order another box of stuff from Stampin' Up the day before we left on vacation (impulse buy) and I had it shipped it to my husbands work, knowing I wouldn't be home. He came home from work yesterday with this box....I tried to act all surprised. He just looked at me and said "I'm sure this is something you couldn't live without." He was right, I couldn't!!! I'm rewarding myself with this nice box full of goodies as soon as the ABC book is done and my house is back to normal. YEAH! I promise I'll move quickly.

Take Care...Happy Stamping!

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The Roberts Family said...

After you're all settled, come over for coffee. :) We have much to catch up on! ~Shelly

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