Wednesday, February 6, 2008

You Make Me Happy!

"You make me happy"....I love that saying. It is a short little phrase that says so much. It makes me think about everything, I have to be "Happy" about. I was sure happy today that the weather was nice and the kids could play outside for awhile, burn off some of that extra energy they have been storing. They got to go sledding in the backyard and play on the swing set, while I watched all warm and cozy from my craft room. I have a perfect birds eye view of the backyard....I love it. This summer it will come in handy, when I'm not working in the yard that is. I have tons of outdoor projects more thing I have to be "happy" about, a yard that needs landscaping. Oh, the fun I'm going to have!!! Another thing that makes me happy is a cup of coffee with a friend. (Now I am sad, missing my friends & Hodenate's) On a lighter note I am happy to be heading downstairs to stamp some more......Enjoy!

1 comment:

3 Brats said...

cute, cute, cute!! I am planning on doing this but I am afraid that when I wash the cup, the rub-on will come off. Have you tried it yet? Let me know. I miss morning coffee with friends too...and I am a block away from hodenattes, sad. You will just have to come back just for you there! Have a fabulous day!!

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