Thursday, February 7, 2008


Many of you that know me, know I hate surprises. I hate secrets and it drives me crazy not knowing. I admire anyone that can go 9 months without knowing the sex of your child; I of course had to know the moment it was humanly possible to know. (Lucky for me I had about 20 ultrasounds with each of my pregnancies, so I got to check and double check to make sure there were no surprises.) I've gotten a little better about this over the years, as a child Christmas was more like torture, all these neatly wrapped surprises under the tree....I would sneak upstairs after school and try to peek into the packages. My mom wised up and started using everyday boxes to wrap my gifts, I then would resort to shaking the never ended, not knowing what was inside drove me crazy. So, this is what brings me to today....Surprise "Peek a Boo" Boxes! (and a short walk down memory lane)

I have added the instructions to make these boxes under "my link" section. They are fun to make and a great way to surprise someone in your life!

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