Friday, February 15, 2008

At Last....It's Here!

Yesterday my Stampin' Up package arrived, Yeah! I was so excited!!!! I didn't get to stamp last night or I would have had to sleep in the dog house. (Brrr....) I don't think that would have gone over well, since I didn't cook or even bake a cake for Matt. Luckily I had made heart shaped cup cakes the day before and we had some left over. The kids sang Happy Birthday, I couldn't even find candles. Yeah, not my best moment! I am planning a party on Saturday for Matt so I hope to redeem myself!!! I am cleaning and organizing today, so again no stamping! (I'm pouting)

Matt did surprise me yesterday with 2 dozen roses!!! He is always so thoughtful!!! The funny thing was, I got home yesterday from Ashton's school and was in this funk. He called and said did a delivery arrive. I'm like no; I should have opened the front door to check. Well, he came home and there were flowers sitting outside on the porch....FROZEN! Who leaves flowers outside in North Dakota weather? It has been below zero this week more times then not! So, here is a picture of the roses I tried to revive. I placed them in warm water and cut the ends.....still looking only so, so today. Matt was so not impressed, I'm sure I'll be getting fresh ones later in the week.

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