Friday, February 8, 2008

Couldn't Help Myself

Looking through my Paper Crafts Magazine yesterday I spotted a cute little Easter Surprise Card I just had to try. I sometimes feel I am constantly doing the same things, so I thought this was a little out of the box for me, why not try it. My challenge to myself was to use current Stampin' up papers, which after looking I don't have many on hand. I'm still waiting for my HUGE order to arrive, I hope any day!!!) So, this card was more of a challenge then I thought it would be. Plus the twins got up early from their nap so they were also invading my space, asking to stamp and pushing buttons on my cricut, which was about putting me over the edge. Today has just been one of those days, Thank God It's Friday! I'm excited about the weekend ahead.....I have some fun things planned with some dear friends, plus Monday is my day off. YEAH! Every stay at home mom needs one day off a week, it should be a law! I always come back refreshed and ready to deal with the challenges ahead......At this moment I'm thinking 2 more hours until my weekend begins!
Anyway, back to the Easter Card: If you don't get the Paper Craft Magazine and you're interested in trying my "Easter Challenge" here are the directions.....


1) To make each chick, punch circle from cardstock
2) Adhere eyes punched from Cardstock, I used a black marker
3) Cut beak from Cardstock; adhere


1) Make card from cardstock. Cut block from cardstock to fit card front.
2) Cut slightly smaller piece from cardstock.
3) Cut egg; adhere to piece
4) cut piece two, with jagged line along egg. (See figure A) Adhere bottom piece to block along side and bottom edges. Adhere chicks.
5) To make brad tracks, cut two 1/16" slots in block (See figure B) To attach top egg piece, insert brads through piece and tracks; spread prongs horizontally so pieces slide along tracks. (See figure C) Note: Insert brads when egg is closed for correct positioning. Staple ribbon loop to top of piece.
6) Stamp or print Easter saying on cardstock, trim and mat with cardstock. Adhere.

A: 5" Square x3 and 2 B:1/2" Down and across, make 1 1/2" slit both sides.

C: Just shows how to adhere brads into slots.

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