Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sharing the Love.....Give Away #4

Another crazy, crazy day at the Sagaser house. I can't believe it is 9pm already, where has my day gone! I did get a lot done....my landscape crew came today and drew up plans for my big landscaping project, so I of course was so excited tonight I had to head to Plant Perfect right away and begin buying. (Those of you that know me, know I love plants....greenhouses especially) I got two trees in the front planted and four grape vines in the back. (Yeah!) Tomorrow I have plenty more to do!!!

Yesterday browsing through various Stamping Blogs, (I always have to keep an eye on my favorites) I was shocked to see my card that I designed for my mom. I'm sure some of you remember, it was a lemon card. Well, I was at first honored that they liked my card enough to copy it and then I started having mix emotions at why this person wanted to passed it off as her own. Are my feelings out of line? I guess my policy is, if I duplicate or get a major portion of an idea from someone I give credit. In doing this I feel the person would feel honored and know I was inspired by their work. I hope a few of you can help me understand this better!!! I'm pretty new at blogging.........Let me know what you think?

Anyway, enough of that nonsense.....on to the good part. I am adding to the Stampin' Up box give away, a sampler of Stampin' Ups Brads. You will get Rich Regals, Soft Subtles, Earth Elements and Bold Brights brads. I believe there are 6 of each color in a nice container so they are still sorted in there color family. I will be announcing the winner tomorrow around 9pm, as I have another very full day. I will then contact you by e-mail and you will have 2 days to respond with your snail mail information or another name will be drawn. Good Luck and Happy Stamping!


Giovana said...

Hi Melissa,
I just read the story about your COPY card, oh My!!!! Have you sent an email to that person? I think I would do that, just reading that and I got upset because I have seen others doing the same, never give the credit to the other source.

Have a great night!!
God bless


Anonymous said...

You gotta love the brads! I always panic myself wondering if I have made a card that looks like someone elses and I post it not knowing that it does. I hope that the person didn't do that intentionally!

Nettie said...

Hi Melissa enjoy browsing your blog daily. I have to say shame on person for not giving credit where credit is due. When ever I case a persons card or take major parts from the design I always refer back to source because it is the RIGHT thing to do. I hope you emailed person to put them on alert. Have a wonderful day!


Linda Peterson said...

I love to copy cards I see on the different blogs, but those cards I give to my friends- and they all know they are not my ideas. I would not dream of using any of these cards to put on the internet. I agree that if a card is copied exactly, that person needs to give credit to the designer.
Linda Peterson

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa
I agree with you and feel the same was about the "stolen card". If you liked someones work so much you feel the need to copy it definitely they deserve the credit and praise for the creation. I think if you want to blog someone elses work you should get their permission first and tell people who created it and to check out the creaters blog.
Now this has me annoyed.
I also agreee with Giovana. I wooul demail them and say "I'm glad you liked my card, please give me credit for the card on your blog.
But I'm like that.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

I would think they would give you credit if they copied it exactly or even close. I know many people will say they saw something somewhere & not remember where...but not duplicate it exactly.

I often need to "see" something in order to make it but I've never tried to pass an idea off as my own! Very seldom does anything I make you like someone elses either :)

ps... I love plants and planting! That's where you'll find me Mothers Day weekend...buying flowers!

Enjoy your day!

Dawn said...

I know how you feel. I noticed someone copied a card I did and was excited that I inspired someone until I read their post and there was no mention of me or my card. It's a bummer, but it won't stop me from sharing. Maybe mentioning it whenever you notice might make these people feel guilty and they won't do it again. (?) OOOH - looks like like you're going to have an awesome giveaway. Would love these goodies! : )

Anonymous said...

I agree I would email the person -just let them know hey i saw "your" card. Keep sharing your wonderful talent. :)


Melissa said...

Thanks for all your wonderful comments....I use this blog to help my downline as I am hundreds of miles away now, I don't mind if someone uses my cards for classes or for whatever....that is why I am posting cards and projects to hopefully inspire someone. I was just shocked when I saw it on someones blog, passing it off as her own...it was was an exact duplicate. Don't get me wrong I am honored someone liked my card enough to share it with others, isn't that what stamping is all about!!! That is why I am sharing the love with you today....Good Luck!

Shelley said...

Hi Melissa,

I'm new to blogging and I am trying very hard never to make that mistake, because I wouldn't want that to happen to me. I agree with the other ladies, give that person the chance to give you credit and e-mail her. I know sometimes to do so much surfing I wonder if my idea is original. I try to put anything I'd like to CASE in my favorites so I can go back and give proper credit. I am VERY excited about the drawing!!! Hope I'm the one!!!

Tabitha said...


I agree with everyone else it is wrong to case a card and then try and pass it off as your own.

You have every right to be upset about this. I would send them an email or something?

Good luck with your yard! I need to work in my mine but I am not much of a green thumb....

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you for being upset. It is one thing to copy your design, but totally not right not to give you credit for it. I'm sorry it happened to you.


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