Friday, April 18, 2008

One Thing Leads To Another.....

Ashton has to school today, so I decided to also take a day off from going to the gym and catch up on things here. I wanted finish up her scrapbook page I was working on and get the house cleaned. Plus also I wanted to treat the kids to the zoo and park this afternoon....called my cousin to see if she wanted to join us and before I knew it, we are going to the Bon Jovi Concert tomorrow!!! Yeah!!! I completed my to do list and now we are heading off the the zoo. Will tomorrow ever come!!!


KatBouska said...

Hi I just wandered into your blog while browsing and this is great. I wish I could put something like that together for my kids!!

Giovana said...

Pretty pages, I don't scrapbook, I think I am not too good on that. Your pages are great!!

God bless

Anonymous said... sweet ! Great page!

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