Sunday, April 26, 2009

Your #1 Fan

Today I made Ashton's teacher, Mrs. Woodbury a trophy...I wanted to come up with something extra special for her, tomorrow is her first day back after running the Boston Marathon. I highly respect anyone that can run 26.5 miles....I run and cycle every day and know I couldn't do that. So, hat's off to Mrs. Woodbury!!!

To create the trophy I cut two squares of blue cardstock (4 ½ inch squares) and scored each side one inch from the edge. Then I cut one score mark on each corner to create the little blue bases for my transparency sheet. The transparency sheet was 8 x 11 and I folded the 11 inch side every 2 ½ inches leaving a 1 inch flap to create a tube. The transparency tube was attached to the bottom base with sticky strip. I then filled the tube with Hershey Kisses and before attaching the top base to the candy tube, I cut a small slit in the top and fed a strip of blue cardstock through the top for attaching the "running girl". Added some gold ribbon and a tag that says " You've outdone yourself again." (From SAB 2009 Stamp Set Congrats) This trophy was quick and easy and I am thinking about making more for Party Favor's for Aiden and Adison's "Sports Theme" Birday Party in June. (Maybe just make them a little shorter so, it doesn't take as much candy to fill...use a 4 x 11 sheet)


Project Details: All in the Family & (2009 SAB) Congrats Stamp Set, SU Circle, Scallop and Small Oval Punch, Ribbon, Transparency Paper (Occasions Mini), Glue Dots, Water Color Crayons, Blender Pen and Sticky Strip...last but not least 2 Bags Hershey's Kisses.

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