Saturday, November 15, 2008

Felt So Good....

Today I finally went down to my craft room for the first time in weeks, it felt so was like coming home after a long vacation! I jumped right in and made a princess notebook and memory game for Ashton's friend, Bailey. They both turned out really cute, Bailey's birthday party is today. The cool glitter paper I found at Hobby Lobby, it was a little spendy but well worth it!! I originally had planned on using my Cricut to cut out the Disney Princesses, but I tried several attempts and after much frustration I went back to Hobby Lobby and bought stickers. Thanks Kim for letting me vent to you! Needless to say I will attempt to make bigger Cricut cut outs with that cartridge next time! I am looking forward to a night of stamping, so stay tuned as I will be posting more goodies. Also I am working on getting some blog candy ready, as a thank you for being patient with me these past few weeks!! For those of you interested my MIL is still in the hospital and we are taking things one day at a time.

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