Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Scrapbook

Ashton got a scrapbook for Christmas this year and I have been promising her again and again that we are going to get time to work on it. So, tonight I made extra time after supper to start on her very first scrapbook. We talked about some things she wanted to put in it....of course every page was going to have a friend on it. Then we started going through pictures and she kept picking out picture after was fun walking down memory lane! Ashton loved looking at all the things she use to do, funny how we forget. So, tonight we started our first two pages off with her favorite Spring activity....checking out the new kitties at Great Grandpa and Grandma Muilenburg's farm in Enderlin. This has become Aiden and Adison's favorite thing also.....we were at the farm last weekend and because it was so cold we saw no "Mommy" kitties. This made everyone sad....they are looking forward to visiting again in the spring. (I will have my camera batteries charged and ready)

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