Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Paint Cans

Matt came to me the other night wanting ideas for gifts for his bosses. We talked about it for a couple days.....wanting to give something masculine, but something a little more then a gift card. Then I remembered my dad's famous Chocolate Chip Cookies that everyone just loves. Then I go the perfect idea!! Filling covered paint cans with I got busy tonight covering the paint cans up. I wanted to keep them very simple, not a lot too fancy. I had fun making them....I got three done tonight and have three more to go. I wish I would have more designer dashing paper on hand, it is my favorite....Enjoy!

Project Supplies: Paint Cans (Menard's), SU Designer Paper (Card stock is a little too stiff for this project), glue dots, sticky tape for behind the embellishment and double stick tape to put the designer paper onto the can with, plus Misc. Stamps

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