Friday, June 27, 2008

Crazy as Ever...Can't Go Wrong with Blog Candy!

I did it...I hit 15,000!!! My goal for the summer was to post something every day....we'll as you know that isn't happening very well. I'm struggling just to keep up with the daily hustle and bustle of the kids, school and house work.....not to mention yard work. (We've never lived on 2 acres before, mowing never ends). So, I'm offering BLOG CANDY to thank you for sticking with me these last few crazy weeks and the craziness yet to come! Here's how you can win:

Leave a comment (On this post) between now and Tuesday, July 1st about what keeps you busy during the summer months or a special vacation you are taking. Also for every person that leaves a comment and mentions that you lead them to my site, your name will be entered again. So, the more people you tell, the more chances you have to win!!! I will ship your blog candy anywhere within the USA for free, outside the USA I will pay the first $4.60. (Sound fair) Good Luck.....Happy Stamping!


jules said...

I am new to your blog. But I am in awe of your work.

Me busy? Well, kids are home-which I love and we craft all summer long! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa- Love your blog! I found you through Splitcoast Stampers when I was looking for some ideas for Tart and Tangy SU set. I am an elementary school teacher in So. Cal. and spend most of the summer break enjoying Laguna Beach and the sunshine. I hope you and your little ones have a fun time off together. Thanks for the beautiful site!

sandyh50 said...

Hi Melissa, I have you on my Google reader and read you whenever you post. I don't have any idea how I first found you, sometimes my Google REader suggests blogs that I might enjoy! They are usually right! LOL!

I am a 4th grade teacher and am "off" for the summer. But, I still go up to school and workout with a colleague, Lead 1 Weight Watcher meeting a week, WALK everywhere in my small town ( I never drive if I can avoid it) and I try to make 1 card a day so I can rationalize my spending more money on my hobby.

I would love to win this stamp set on your blog candy. Thanks for the chance!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! We took a trip to Washington, D.C. - because it was only a half day's drive (not a lot of gas!) We had a great time there! Now we want to enjoy not having a schedule for a few weeks before school starts again.


Anonymous said...

Awesome candy, I missed getting this SU set! My weeds keep me pretty busy all summer, but it's my own fault cause I just keep adding more and more flower gardens! Big congrats on your hits, thats awesome!
I will link your post from my site.

kerry said...

Congrats on the 15K hits - that's awesome! No vacation this summer for our family, but we'll stay busy with t-ball, ballet, tumbling, swim lessons, story time at the library, and all the other fun activities the kids are involved in. Thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy!

Kerry Morgan

cricketpe said...

Congratulations on all your hits! And thank you so much for sharing such wonderful candy.

My fiance just bought a house in January, so this is our first summer as homeowners. We're learning about how much time goes into yardwork and fixing other things around the house. The only trips we're going on this summer are to my hometown to get things settled for our December wedding.

scfranson said...

Your blog is wonderful. We love to go to Lake Superior for vacation, I hope we get to go this year. I keep busy making cards for our soldiers to send home to their loved ones at

Regina said...

I found your blog today and I'm adding you to my google reader!
Congratulations on so many hits! Thank you so much for this chance at this great blog candy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa....I love your blog.... youalways have such great ideas!!! This summer has been crazy.... between running to baseball, golf, football camps, swim lessons and dental appts. I look so forward to summer because we live in Wisconsin and winter is very long.... but this summer has been very busy.... I enjoy spending time with my kids(4of them) outside on the lake in the yard and boating...hopefully I will have time to stamp... Keep up the good work... Have a nice summer... enjoy your children they grow up so fast....

Dawn said...

Umm, 2 kids, 2 dogs and a pool! That's most of my summer, but hopefully stamping too! Congrats!

Giovana said...

Great blog candy Mellisa,
Summer is really crazy here, usually is a lot of time outside, playing with sprinkles, pool, park, biking, now my DD has a big bike so I am in the process to teach how to use it right, (she is too crazy!!!)
Vacation maybe in September I will go to peru and visit my family, so now I am teaching my daughter Spanish so she can communicate with my family, who doesn't speak English.
As you can see I am always busy.

Have a great day!!!!

I will post your blog candy on my blog.


Linda said...

I love your blog--thanks for many ideas!
I am not planning much this summer but to relax and stamp.
Linda Peterson

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa!

Congrats 15k!! WOW! Well recently I have been busy planning my youngest DD 4th birthday which is this Tuesday July 1st! LOVE YOUR WORK!

Hope J

Nettie said...

Melissa I just love your blog and all you create. When I started my blog I vowed to post daily but like you, THINGS prevent it! Summer seems to leave me with less time somehow it is all the lawn work, grad parties, weddings etc.

Thanks for a chance at this set. I wanted it but never did buy it:(


Scrapbookmama said...

When I read your title of your post Crazy as Ever.. I said who you telling! lol School is out and OH MY OH man are my hands full I have to now keep busy my 3 kids so I wouldn't hear Mama I'm bored! lol This is when my workout begins tell you this much I ALWAYS lose weight during Summer vacation! LOL:) Today we went into the city and came home walking in the rain! :)

kim3timemom said...

Since we homeschool, our summer break leaves me with lots of extra time to craft!! Yipee..but also catch up on stuff that gets put aside while we do school.

Kim3timemom@yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I found your blog from your link on a SCS posting. much more busy that during the school year. I am kept busy with 4 kids (and one on the way), doing all house stuff like cleaning and yardwork, taking the kids new places to explore over the summer, and making time to be creative. My husband is deployed to Iraq and we moved to Germany in Nov so the places to "go see" are never ending. Well, that pretty much keeps us busy. Love your blog and I visit quit often. I haven't started a blog yet :0, but am thinking about doing that too this summer!

jmniffer said...

Hi Melissa, I check each new post and love to see what you have created. Summer has been busy with my DS graduating from HS and now getting him ready to move to the dorms in Aug. Add to that weekly trips to our cabin with a 2.5 hr drive each way and I never seem to find the time to stamps as much as I would like. This too shall pass and sooner than I would like the warm weather will be over for another year. Enjoy. jmniffer

Tami said...

Melissa, Congratulations and thanks for the chance to win a great prize! I am looking forward to our first cruise ever with my husband next week. He is Army National Guard and will be gone most of the summer, so we are REALLY looking forward to some time just for us! Otherwise, just hanging out with our three kids doing fun things like summer movies, planting flowers, swimming lessons, and going to the beach,(and a little scrapping in between) are what keep us busy . . . and happy!

Kristen is the one who first shared your blog with me. She sent me your URL to check out a card we made from your example. Thanks for the great ideas!

shawn said...

congrads on hitting the number!!
Keeping me busy?? a little stamping, a little of hanging with my daughter.. and just hanging out whenever possible!!

Kath said...

Mostly yard work, our yard has a two story drop from the front ysrd to the back, I'm still trying to figure out landscaping.

Love your blog

Anonymous said...

My husband I just got back from an adults only trip to New York, and we are going to Hilton Head ina couple of weeks! :)

Kristen sent me to your blog first, BUT Tami actually sent me to this blog candy.


Sam said...

God and I on the railroad track sent me to your blog candy. I love your blog and read it as often as I can get online. What keeps me busy in the summer? I'd say my job mostly. I worked 68 hrs last week and probably more this week. I am a single mother of one three yr old and live with my parents so no telling what my summer will be full of

Laurie in MN said...

You've had quite a few viewers in a short time. I hope your Mom is healing well.
We haven't any summer plans as our son is recovering from an illness. My priority is to make sure our teenage daughter is kept busy by visiting relatives, volunteering at an assisted living home, summer school activites, and keeping her bedroom clean. The last being the most difficult. :O)

Sara Russell said...

I stay busy with my daughter and yard work. Both of which I love.
Great candy! Thanks for the chance to win.

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