Sunday, October 4, 2009

Scrapbooking Memories

Things have been a little shaky in our lives this year....we seem to go from one major event to another. I didn't post the last major event as I didn't want to really talk about it until we recovered, I'm happy to say on Friday our house is finally back together after yet another water incident. (If you didn't' know we flooded March 22nd) On August 22nd, our 12th anniversary I was making a special breakfast for the family. I asked our youngest daughter to bring up some milk, she came running upstairs yelling...."it's leaking downstairs?" My husband and I run downstairs to find water pouring through the ceiling...our dishwasher was dumping water!!! Needless to say our house has been riped apart once again, the worst part is I did loose a lot of scrapbooking stuff along with piles of pictures that were stacked on the bar to save them from the first flood. (Some that will never be replaced) I was sick! Many tears were once again shed! I haven't been able to focus on my Stamping as I once was, which I have been very sad about. So, when my girlfriend asked me to go to Medora, ND to scrapbook last weekend I had to say yes! I'm proud to say I finished my 6x6 scrapbook for my kids of our journey with raising chickens, it has been such a positive experience through a very difficult year and I wanted them to have something special to remember them by, years down the road. The kids were thrilled and I was ecstatic to enjoy some R&R with some wonderful people, doing what I love. Enjoy!

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