Sunday, October 5, 2008

Western Birthday Party Planning

The piles of birthday party stuff is taking over my dining room, by next Sunday my house will be back to normal again. (I thought I would share what I have been up to....I am always looking for party ideas when planning any type of event, so I thought maybe this might be of help to someone) I have been busy this morning getting the goodie bags done, I decided last minute to go with the brown bag with a rope tie. I thought it went with the theme a little better? Inside I have added huge Licorice Ropes (which I had to roll a few times to get them to fit), Cow Tales, Western Tattoos, Jolly Ranchers, Western Pencil with boot eraser, Western Activity Set, Rope Bracelets and Bandanna Mints. On the outside of the bags I am going to add a "Cowgirl" Backpack tag that I made with my cricut and laminated. We usually do a themed fridge magnet for each birthday, but after seeing Missy's back to school backpack tags I thought a cowgirl tag would be perfect. I hope the girls like them! I also finished up the little buckets of Fool's Gold (aka yellow M&M's) that will be at each girl's seat at the table. It might have been cheaper to pick the yellow one's out of the bag, but I bought these at the party store and I barely got enough to fill the buckets for $15.00. (OUCH) Oh, I'm off to practice making the Baked Potato Ice Cream Sundaes. This should be interesting. I got the recipe for the "Cowgirl Hall of Fame." (Wish me luck)

Ashton's Backpack with her new "Cowgirl" Tag

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Melissa said...

Melissa. . .all of these ideas are completly darling!! So sweet and your little girl and all the friends that are coming are sure to LOVE them all!! The fool's gold is too cute as are the litle backpack tags! Just wanted to share and say these are just too cute. I'm so glad I found your blog! It's on my list of favorites!

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