Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Trading Cards

I'm excited to say I'm finally finished with 20 packs of Halloween Trading Cards. I saw an idea for something like this a few years back and couldn't remember where. So, I stayed up one night and made my own templates....which I will be uploading later today. Then I spent one whole night cutting paper and today while the kids were at school....I finally got them together! I thought these would be perfect for Ashton's 1st grade class as they are reading like crazy! Plus it is a great non-candy treat!

Project Supplies: Ghostly Greeting Designer Paper, Booglie Eyes Stamp Set (Retired), Glue Dots, Crayons, and Ribbon.

*Each Trading Card Pack has 4 different riddles (4 cards) with the answer to the riddle on the back, crayons are attached to color the cards.


Denise said...

Very clever idea, love it!

Leah from Westfield, IN said...

My 7 year-old-daughter and I love this idea! We think it would make a great birthday treat/favor, too! (I am a Kdg. teacher and at my school the children aren't allowed to bring food treats to school so this would be a great alternative.) I can't wait to get the template. Thanks for sharing!

Stefanee said...

Cute Idea! I love your blog!!

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