Monday, October 15, 2007

I Love Halloween!

Can you believe it, I had time to stamp tonight?! I never thought the piles of boxes would end! We are still not completely unpacked, but are getting closer each day. Today I finally got my craft room unpacked....I always knew I had a lot of stamps, but today putting them away I was a little embarrassed. My craft room has a huge walk in closet, which I filled!!! I'll be taking pictures of my room as soon as I get my camera back from Sony...the shutter button fell off a couple days before our move. I think the good lord didn't want me to take pictures to remember all the boxes and the sad fact we took a semi load and a half to get here. Again another embarrassing moment......Here are the two Halloween cards I created tonight for Ashton's teacher, Mrs. Lacher. I'm doing a goodie basket for her for Halloween, Ashton's all excited about the idea. Mrs. Lacher asked me today to help with their big Halloween party and parade they do at the school. I sure hope my camera is back in time...sounds like fun! Enjoy!!

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