Friday, January 8, 2010

More Nugget Birthday Cakes

I am happy to say all three cakes are complete!! (Now I'm ready for the party tomorrow!!) Here is a link to where I saw the nugget cakes, I didn't make mine as big as, I knew I didn't want to be up all night wrapping candy bars. ( I have enclosed 5 easy steps for making these fun cakes. I think I'll be making more, they are a little addicting!

My Grandma's 90th, Aunt & Uncle (Twins) 70th Birthday Cakes


Shelley Germann said...

Thanks for sharing these, Melissa. They look like a lot of fun! And thanks for the link, too!

Anonymous said...

Love the cakes!! What size styrofoam circles did you use?


Anonymous said...

How do you come up with these awesome crafty projects?! I love these cakes!
... Val Weigel

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