Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Schools Almost Out

Hard to believe school is almost out....I can feel the excitement every day in the Junior High where I work and at home with my kiddos.  In this rush to finish off the next two days of school, I am overwhelmed by my to do list.....plus gearing up for all the summer activities!  The lists seem to go on and on.  No matter how long the list, one thing I always sneak to the top of my list is little gifts for all the kiddo's on the last day of school.  Even though the thought of making around 100 of something seems overwhelming....I still enjoy every moment.  I also have to admit I totally stole this idea, thanks to pinterest.  The web site for instructions on how to make these cute last day of school gifts can be found here, plus the free printable.  I was able to make each of these for around $.36 each.  If you can find the Kool-aide on sale, that would make them even cheaper!  I didn't plan ahead so I was stuck paying full price!  Looking at them though, it was so worth it!

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