Friday, August 10, 2007

Crazy Life

Just when you think life can't get much does. For everyone that isn't up to date on our latest adventure, Matt got a job in Bismarck. Yes, we are moving! (We don't know when) I have begun going through closets and trying to organize my life! I don't know how I will do under all the pressure!!! On top of it all, last minute I decided to do a rummage sale. (What was I thinking?) Then I had to squeeze time in to do my friend's wedding shower invites. It took me a week longer then I wanted, but I finished them tonight. They will hit the mail tomorrow! Yeah.....They went pretty quick, I used Chocolate Chip, Creamy Carmel and Very Vanilla with a little Close to Coco. Stacey liked it so much, she talked about getting it tattooed on her back.....I think she might have a copy right problem on her hands though??? I just love this set, it is in my all time favorites!!!

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